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Defending Your Trademark Rights

Company names, product names, and service names hold considerable value for your business or franchise system. It is important to protect this value or good will that is created by those names. If one of your competitors started using your name for a similar product or service, customers could be confused about where that product comes from. The confusion would diminish and the value of those names you created. At Carter & Tani. Attorneys at Law, we can help you protect the good will created by your company names, product names, services names, logos, slogans, taglines, or domain names by registering for a trademark or a service mark with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Contact Carter & Tani, Attorneys at Law for advice in creating strong trademarks or service marks and taking the necessary precautions to effectively register those trademarks or service marks.

Trademark Counseling Services

We will advise you on creating strong trademarks or service marks that are 1) effective in identifying your product or service and are 2) available for adoption, use and registration. We do that through several methods, including:

  • Assisting individuals, small businesses, and companies in choosing trademarks or service marks that are commercially effective
  • Reviewing advertising, marketing, and websites to ensure proper and effective use of marks
  • Researching potential marks to confirm their availability

Our lawyers are detail-oriented and thorough in assessing the availability and effectiveness of potential trademarks or service marks and communicating those assessments.

Trademark Search and Application Services

We will conduct a thorough search of your proposed trademark or service mark and file your application documents. We focus on research of your proposed trademark or service mark in order to prevent opposition from occurring. Preparing and filing Trademark Applications needs to be timely, accurate, and effective to prevent rejections from the USPTO that could delay your registration. We will help you to make sure that your trademark or service mark registration is as seamless as possible.

Trademark Enforcement Services

If a person or entity begins using your trademark or service mark or a similar trademark or service to identify a similar product or service, this can dilute your mark by confusing the public as to where the goods or services come from. This devalues your mark and will negatively affect your goodwill and reputation. We can help you enforce your trademarks or service marks against this unauthorized use. We do that through simple yet effective methods, including:

  • Developing Trademark Enforcement Programs
  • Investigating and Researching Potential Infringing Trademark Use
  • Drafting and Responding to Cease and Desist Letters

Our lawyers are detail-oriented and thorough in assisting individuals, small businesses, and franchise companies in protecting their trademarks or service marks from unauthorized use.

Contact Us for Trademark Law Services

We will work diligently to advise you on strong trademarks or service marks, registering those trademarks or service marks, and protecting the value of those trademarks or service marks. We have experience in trademark and service mark counseling and registration for small businesses and franchises.

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